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Sports Dentistry

Professional treatment for all athletes

Sport Dentistry involves the prevention and treatment of orofacial athletic injuries and related oral diseases, as well as the collection and dissemination of information on dental athletic injuries and the encouragement of research in the prevention of such injuries. Oral health problems in athletes can be caused by many reasons like poor oral hygiene, intense diets, dry mouth or trauma  caused by practicing a sport. Intense dietary and training pressures on athletes could put them at high risk of oral problems. 

Oral health promotion and disease prevention strategies need to be developed to facilitate the health, well-being and performance of elite athletes.

Focus areas


Protecting your teeth from chronic grinding and clenching (bruxism) saves your smile and prevents problems like TMJ disorders. Bruxism is a common problem that can cause worn enamel and damage to existing restorations. We offer both bite guards for bruxism, as well as protective sports guards. Our Proform sport guards prevent tooth injury, lip lacerations,and decrease the risk for concussion during sporting actives.

Advantages of Custom Mouth Guards

  • Protects your teeth and jaw in the event of a sports injury
  • Although still being researched, a custom mouth guard may reduce the risk of concussion by acting as a shock absorber
  • Maintains an aligned bite and balanced jaw position, which improves posture and prevents TMJ disorder symptoms

Recovery is essential to your performance. If you experience TMJ-related problems such as grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, or if your airway becomes partially closed while you sleep, then you may not begetting the rest you need. You can enjoy better quality sleep with the nightguard  Just like the sports mouth guard, the nighttime device is customized to your mouth so it will fit snugly.

Causes for Increasing Dental Problems in Athletes

The energy athletes need for training often means they have high-carbohydrate diets and regularly use sugary, acidic energy drinks that may contribute to decay and erosion in their teeth.

Sports performance can be affected by infections in the mouth  that it could spread  through the bloodstream, causing harm to another organ in the body.

 As an athlete trains the rate of breathing increases along with the level of intensity of the exercise. With increased respiration, the mouth tends to become dryer due to the large amount of air passing through it. With less saliva flow there will be a lower concentration of neutralizing enzymes, thus accelerating the tooth decaying process. With decreased saliva activity during sport events, a cariogenic (decay producing) environment is more likely. 

 Poor oral health is proven to have a substantial negative impact on athletes,well-being, training, and performance.

Oral health is extremely important to athletes and any complication in the dental or mandibular area can cause damage, which can go from spreading an infection to preventing muscular recovery from being fast and effective.

Oral health assessment should be part of every athlete's routine medical care


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