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Tongue Cleaning: The Stuff You Want To Know

March 7, 2020
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First, You Don’t Need A Brush

Yes, you may brush your tongue. If this is comfortable to you, then by all means add it into your usual routine. Brush teeth, gums, and along your tongue, too, for good oral health. However, if this is something you cannot even think about doing once, let alone on a regular basis, then don’t stress out. You can choose to rely on a tongue cleaner (or tongue scraper) instead. It’s bristle free and composed of smooth plastic. It will remove food particles and bacteria that don’t come off with rinsing alone.

Next, Understand Why It’s Important

Now, you know that you should be dragging your brush or scraper along your tongue (back to front) to keep it clean. However, you might not understand why it’s so important. We’re happy to share! When you leave all of that bacteria where it is, you’re not doing your oral health any major favors. Instead, you’re increasing the chance of problems associated with plaque, such as gingivitis, decay, and especially bad breath.

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